The Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation was established in 2017 as a philanthropic organization that harnesses the power of research and education to improve the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples. With the supportive capital, processes, and expertise required for success, we help Indigenous communities achieve their goals, creating positive and lasting impact.

Our Vision

Thriving and sovereign Indigenous Peoples, communities, and Nations, living in harmony with a healthy Mother Earth.

Our Mission

To improve the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples, we research and co-create supportive financial solutions in climate and health — centering the needs, traditions, and voices of Indigenous communities.

What we do

We believe in the power and potential of outcomes finance to transform the achievement of better outcomes for Indigenous Peoples and communities by emphasizing measurable results and centering the needs and voice of communities.

Through strategic collaboration, we aim to create a sustainable and impactful model that enhances lives while fostering economic self-determination and prosperity.

Our primary activities include engaging in research and education.

Our focus areas currently are the wellness of our people (Health), and the wellness of Mother Earth (Climate).

Interested in working with us?

Raven Funds Group is a proud member of:

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