RIIF’s commitment to education is firmly aligned with our vision and mission. Our commitment to education is manifested through diverse instructional sessions and convenings. At the heart of our work in education is the ambition to bolster community economic development and environmental protection by fostering essential skills, knowledge, and competencies for the benefit of Indigenous Peoples and communities. We leverage education as a catalyst for change, laying the foundation for meaningful positive outcomes and impact.

Raven's Work in Education

  • Supportive education, training, and capacity building with partners (commuinities, social enterprises, etc.) for each Community-Driven Outcomes Contract
  • Education sessions related to RIIF research activities and publications
  • Partnerships and facilitation of workshops at diverse events and conferences.
Raven Outcomes Finance Summit

The innaugural Raven Outcomes Finance Summit was held on November 15, 2023, in Ottawa, ON. Hosted by the Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation, the event marked a transformative journey in outcomes finance. Attendees witnessed captivating sessions with global visionaries, community leaders, and outcomes finance experts, fostering collaboration and sparking innovative thinking. The Summit showcased interactive panels, celebrated Indigenous traditions, and offered diverse networking opportunities. Participants immersed themselves in a celebration of collective action for Economic Reconciliation.

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