Outcomes FINANCE

Making first-of-their-kind investments that improve outcomes in Indigenous communities.

At Raven, we believe that transformational change and outcomes require rethinking how we address social problems. Our outcomes finance model places Indigenous communities, knowledge, and values in the drivers seat of the change they aim to achieve.

The Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund offers investors the opportunity to deploy capital to scale meaningful social programs and improve outcomes in Indigenous communities, while allowing government to only pay for what works. Indigenous outcomes-based financing deals, what we call CDOCs or Community-Driven Outcomes Contracts and what others refer to as pay-for-success/performance projects, align social impacts and financial returns.

Specifically pertaining to UNDRIP Articles Three and Twenty-one, Raven is working to improve economic and social conditions of Indigenous Peoples on Turtle Island. Investing in Indigenous communities is an act of economic reconciliation.

We use innovative financial pathways within the social finance ecosystem to create actionable priorities for economic reconciliation and actioning UNDRIP. In this way, we are rethinking how we address social problems in our communities and making lasting change.



The Fund will pursue investments in Indigenous-led initiatives with an established evidence base for success and with high-capacity service providers that have proven organizational management and deep community support or ownership.


The team has identified promising, intersecting sectors, including:

  • Health (T2D reduction)
  • Climate adaptation and clean energy
  • Workforce development
  • Chronic homelessness

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Community Driven Outcomes Contract Model

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Our work starts and finishes with the outcomes our partner communities are seeking.

Our measurement system marries Indigenous and Western value systems to articulate a holistic impact narrative to drive new appreciation and, ultimately, improved valuation of self-determined Indigenous outcomes.

Fund Type GP/LP Structure
Class A – Senior
Class B- Subordinated Hurdle Rate/Carried Interest
(80/20) 4% Hurdle
50% Carried interest allocation to Foundation GP Commitment 0% Fund Life 5 + 1 + 1 years
Capital recycling (20% cap) Target IRR (Net) 4-7% Investment period 4 years from final close Management Fees 1.75%
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